The family-friendly hotel, near the cycling and hiking ways in the high forest

"It is very important to us to be a family-friendly house." Klaus Simon and Paula made this fix, as they took over the family business in 1988. It may be a little out of fashion, but in the Parkschenke have been ruled and is still that the boss welcome his guests. Lead them to the table. Are always present in order to fulfill their wishes. "There have been developed over the years some friendships," said Paula Simon.

The family-friendliness is the fact that you think as well as to the most recent to the older guests. Children can paint on the table with their parents or let off steam in the playground behind the house.


Who does not know the lion's tooth? In the Saarland, he is affectionately known Bettsäächer.
The name is from region to region different, but as a remedy and delicacy is dandelion known everywhere. During this time there is fine dining with and of dandelion and other herbs.

Hochwälder potato days

When the first leaves rustling under your feet and the sun dips into the forests of golden color, then the time of the potato harvest.
Start it with us in the golden season with the high forests potato days as a culinary homage to the Queen of the tubers.

We buy our farm potatoes in our region. By not using artificial nitrogen fertilizer, the tubers grow in our climate slowly and evenly, resulting in less mass, it is the best quality from the ground.

High forests wild weeks

Of November in the high forest of the Saarland, Saar-Hunsrück available each year in the wild character of culinary delights, we spoil our guests with local game specialties. A look at the menu makes itself heard gourmets.

Met and spelled bread as
once among the Celts 

The proximity to the historic Hunnenring inspired the Simon family for a special offer. For groups of 20 prepares Parkschenke a celtic menu. Welcome to the ranges dressed in Celtic costumes service team a glass of mead, the soup is eaten in small spelled loaves, the venison goulash served in Holundersoße in pottery, drinking the local wine from the Mosel Saar shore horns. An event that is bus-treat groups in conjunction with a trip to Celtic stone wall you. Especially now the highway to get home just around the corner.

Bed & Bike and Walking in Germany

An original cast-iron stove, an antique from the production of Mary hut near Trier greets guests at the entrance. Here also hang two certificates that indicate the special service of Parkschenke.

The document "Quality donors Walkable Germany" indicates the Parkschenke Simon as being particularly suitable resting place and shelter for hikers. The Saar-Hunsrück-Steig passes right behind the house. And Hans-Peter-Georgie-way, which is one cause of Oberthal to Illingen, touches the beer garden. There is, among other things a cold soft wheat beer Bitburger or Meisel for refreshment. Something to Strengthen? Here you go: The Parkschenke offers continuously on hot meals.

The Bed & Bike badge is awarded by the German Bicycle Club for bicycle-friendly guest service. The Parkschenke is committed to fulfill all DFC-quality criteria. Therefore, in the entrance area are also regional cycling maps and trip tips. And the encounter with other guests to determine interest.

The following tourist highlights can be found right in our neighborhood

Leisure center Petersberg
Leisure, sports and fun at the Peter Berg (584 m) at Nonnweiler - Braunshausen on one of the longest summer toboggan run in Germany. Enjoy the 1,000-meter-long decline.

Ring Wall "Hunnenring" Otzenhausen
The Celtic ring wall of Otzenhausen

Planet Trail
The planet walk on the dam in 1996 Nonnweiler built jointly by the Association of Dam Nonnweiler community.

Observatory Petersberg
Since 1997, in St. Peter Berg in Saarland, an observatory.

High forest bath Nonnweiler
The pool of community Nonnweiler opened in late 2001 after a complete renovation again. In addition to a swimming pool invite a "Finnish sauna", a "steam bath", a "dry sauna", a "jacuzzi" and a corner fireplace to relax.